Hangout Places, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
 Hangout Places

Our campus has numerous eating hubs, present at prominent locations. These foster essential interactions between students and are often seen bustling with activity. 

Georgia cafe, being located in close proximity to the new lecture hall complex, the students club and various hostels, ensures it being a great centre of interactions.

Nescafe, being located near the sports complex, also sees it being full of students on a daily basis.

The Multi Activity Centre, has Cafe Coffee Day, an Amul parlor and Saatviko Idea Cafe. Besides serving food, the idea cafe works a discussion centre for students, housing a conference room and a recreation zone. 

There are multiple such eateries throughout the campus like the alphar cafe and various hostel cafes.

Each hostel has fresh fruit stalls and canteens with large seating spaces for students to eat as well as interact with their peers.

To satisfy the night cravings of students we even have night cafes like the Shri Balaji Cautley Bhawan Cafe which operates once all canteens done serving, from 2 A.M to 2 P.M.

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