N.C. Nigam Visitors' Hostel, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
 N.C. Nigam Visitors' Hostel

It is one of the visitors' hostel present in the Campus. It offers world class facilities with a committee room and dining hall. There are 16 rooms and 12 suites in the visitors' hostel. All the rooms and suites are air conditioned and are well furnished.

Below are some of the snapshots of the visitors' hostel.

N.C. Nigam Visitors' Hostel @IIT Roorkee Dining Hall, N.C. Nigam Visitors' Hostel @ IIT Roorkee
Main Guest IIT Roorkee  
 N.C. Nigam Visitors' Hostel @ IIT Roorkee  


Sl. No. Specifications Lodging Charges per day (Rs.) Category (I) Lodging Charges per day (Rs.) Category (II)
1. AC Rooms 1000.00 1200.00
2. AC Suites 1450.00 1800.00
3. VIP Suite 1800.00 2400.00

Category I:

  • Visitors from other IIT's & IIT Roorkee Staff.
  • Visitors from other institutions/ organizations whose payment is to be made by IIT Roorkee.

Category II:

  • Visitors not covered in Category - I

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