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Research Publications
Kumar Brijesh Gupta, Sharma S.C. and Lal,Mohan, Comparative Simulation Study to Control Congestion for Wireless ATM Networks, The Asia Pacific Conference on Mobile Technology. Applications and Systems (Mobility-2006), Oct. 25-27, atRangsit University, Bangkok, Thailand, 2006.
Kumar Brijesh Gupta, LalMohan andSharma, S.C.,
A Hybrid Scheme for Handover in ATM Based Personal Communication Network“ International Journal on Wireless and Optical Communications, Vol. 3, No. 1, pp. 69-81, April (2006).
Shamimul Qamar, Mohan LalandS.C. Sharma
Effect of Interference and Control Error on Cellular Mobile Communication Networks, International Engineering Consortium (IEC), Annual Review of Communication, Chicago, USA, Vol . 59, pp. 179-182, (2006).
Mohan Lal, Sharma S.C. and Qamar S. Selection Diversity for CDMA Communication Network”, ACCST Research Journal, Vol. IV, No.4, Oct. (2006).
Sharma S.C., Mohan Lal and Qamar S Capacity Analysis of CDMA Cellular Mobile Communication Network:,  ACCST Research Journal, Vol. V, No.1, Jan. (2007).
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