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  • Kumar Sanjeev & Chandra Ramesh 2004 Temperature Dependent Studies of CdS Nanoparticle in various Matrix on Optical Materials (Article in press)



  • Chandra, Ramesh, Synthesis & Characterization of Nano-materials-National Conference on advanced materials & Technology-DAV College Amritsar, Sep.24-26, 2004.
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  • Choudhary, A.K., Manickvasagam, R.M. Jain, A.K. Singh, Sandeep Chandra Kailash National Facility for Geochronology and Isotope geology at I.I.T Roorkee - New results from Southern Granulite Massifs-11 th ISMAS workshop-October 7-12, 2004, Shimla.




Summary of Major Sponsored Research Schemes and Consultancy Projects


Major Intra-continental Shear Zones of South India and their role in Gondwana Assembly: Geochronological and Geochemical Constraints, P.I. : A.K. Choudhary


The regional granulite terrain of the Eastern Ghats, along the east coast of India , is a highly prospective terrain for the study of mantle-related processes. It has a variety of mafic granulite xenoliths of primary nature within massif-type charnockite-enderbite gneisses. The mineral equilibria in these xenoliths indicate a lower crystal depth of equilibration and hence they represent the lower continental crust in this regional granulite terrain. The chemical and isotopic composition of these xenoliths is similar to that of the oceanic plateau and arc basalts. Hence the incompatible element distribution and isotopic composition of these xenoliths can be used to constrain the nature of the mantle plume. The isotopic ratios may be used to differentiate arc and plume related basaltic magmatism. Thus, petrology, geochemistry and isotope geochemistry of these xenoliths in the Eastern Ghats terrain would lead to an understanding of the mantle-related tectonic processes in time and space.


Study of Optical and mechanical properties of nanophase materials, P.I.: Ramesh Chandra


The optical and mechanical properties of nanomaterials have been of both experimental and theoretical interest for some time. It has been known for over a thousand years that the colour of small metal particle embedded in glass depends strongly on the size and shape of the particles. Similarly the mechanical properties of these materials changed drastically as compared to their bulk counterpart. Under these projects we are doing systematic studies on these properties as a function of the particle size



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