Information for a New Client, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
 Information for a New Client

A new client (an organization or industrial company looking for a consultancy service from this Institute) may proceed as follows:

  1. If the client has identified an individual faculty member who can handle his problem, he can write a few words on his problem or requirement to that faculty member or speak to him on telephone. Telephone Numbers, e-mail address and fax members of all faculty members/officials of the Institute are available on the website.

  2. If not so, the client can browse through the bio-data of faculty members and try to identify a faculty member whose expertise and experience are relevant to the problem/requirements of the client, and then write/speak to him.

  3. If (2) is not possible, the client may browse through the list and activities of the various departments, and try to identify a Department/Center of the Institute relevant to his problem/needs and write to the Head of the concerned Department/Center. The e-mail address or telephone and fax numbers can be seen from the web pages of the respective Department/Center. The Head will identify an individual faculty member who can take up the job and inform his /her name to the client so that further correspondence/dialogue can be held directly between them.

  4. In case (3) is also not possible, the client may write briefly about his problem/needs to the Dean (SRIC) at the following address : 

     Prof. Manoranjan Parida 
     Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) 
     Indian Institute of Technology 
     Roorkee (Uttaranchal)-247 667 
     Phones No.: +91-1332-285245  , Fax No. +91-1332-273560 
     E-mail : 

The Dean (SRIC) will identify the department / individual faculty member and inform the client. Subsequently the client can have correspondence/ dialogue directly with the Head of Department or the faculty member.

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