Initiation and Management of Consultancy Projects, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
 Initiation and Management of Consultancy Projects

Each consultancy project has a Principal Investigator (PI) who is a faculty member/scientist in the service of the Institute and is responsible for :

  • Formulating the project proposal which may include planning of the work to be done, estimating costs according to the guidelines provided in the Institute regulations, if identifying other faculty member(s)/ scientist(s) in the service of the Institute to work as Co-investigators of the project and identifying technical staff for assistance, if required.

  • Co-ordination and execution of work.

  • Associating students, outside experts and external agencies, as and if required.

  • Handling all communications with the client.

  • Writing intermediate and final reports for the project.

  • Making recommendations to the Dean (SRIC) regarding expenditure from the project funds and remuneration to be paid to faculty, staff and students.

The client (sponsoring organization) usually approaches the Institute for consultancy work through a faculty member or a functionary of the Institute (i.e. Head of the Department, Dean SRIC or Director). When a faculty member is approached for the work, he will generally be the Principal Investigator, if the work falls in his area of expertise. If he does not wish to be the Principal Investigator, the HOD/Centre will identify a suitable person as the PI. If the project is referred to a functionary, the concerned HOD would identify the Principal Investigator according to the required expertise for the work.

Normally the agreed charges of the project are to be deposited by the client, in full, before the work commences. However, this stipulation is negotiable. In cases where the work is started with only partial payment, the arrangement of balance payment will be clearly spelt out in advance and approved by Dean (SRIC). The Registrar or the Dean, SRIC, on behalf of the Institute will receive all the payment from clients.

Principal Investigator will take the approval of Dean (SRIC) through the concerned Head of The Department for undertaking the consultancy project.

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