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 Professional Chairs

There is provision of establishing professional chairs in a project if sanctioned by the sponsoring authority for the conduct of the project.

The Institute encourages companies and other organizations to establish Professorial Chairs in the emerging and relevant areas of engineering, science, technology, humanities & social sciences including management studies. The Chairs established in the Institute and currently occupied are :

Indian Railways Chairs

Two Professorial Chairs, one in the area of Bridge Engineering and the other in the area of Dynamics of Rail Vehicle Systems, have been instituted by Indian Railways. The scope of work includes research and development, dissemination of knowledge, human resource development, advice to Railways on specific projects related to the chair and coordination of activities with other railway organisations such as Research, Development and Standardization Organisation (RDSO).

Thrust areas in Bridge Engineering include health monitoring and rehabilitation of old bridges, modernization of design specifications and codes, field investigations of bridges and studies related to scour etc.

Areas of activity in Dynamics of Rail Vehicle Systems include rail wheel interaction, track irregularities, hunting and lateral stability, vertical dynamics and ride behaviour, and performance and dynamics of over-head transmission lines.

Pandit G.B. Pant Chair

During the birth centenary celebrations of Pandit G.B. Pant in 1987-88, the U.P. Government instituted a Professorial Chair, which has been named as "Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant Professorial Chair in Environmental Pollution Abatement". The awardee of the Chair is placed in one of the academic departments of the Institute depending on the work plan of the Chair Professor.


The Housing & Urban Development Corporation Ltd. (HUDCO) has established a Professorial Chair in the field of "Urban Transport Infrastructure" at the Institute. The objectives are to take up Awareness, Orientation and Skill Development to build capacities of urban and housing sector stakeholders, to build capacities of urban sector functionaries pertaining to infrastructure development and management, policy and programme implementation, monitoring, evaluation and documentation.

The activities under this include to organize Orientation Programmes and Awareness Campaign, to organize workshops, to provide specific modules to other progammes, to establish contacts with various stakeholders, develop manuals, checklists, promote mutual cooperation by providing State specific experience on Govt. of India Schemes.


   The North Eastern Electric Power Corporation Ltd. (NEEPCO) has also instituted a Professorial Chair to accelerate research and development, teaching and training in the area of the Power Sector in the country.

  The objectives include to provide inputs through state of the art technology and innovation in water resources, hydropower development, to address environmental, social impact of water resources and power development and to disseminate knowledge in operation and maintenance.

   The activities include to organize/participate in Seminars on current issues of power development, to develop a Resource Database on power development in the North Eastern States and to organize training for the NEEPCO officials.

 Knowledge Economy Chair

  The Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, has awarded a project titled “National Competitiveness in the Knowledge Economy” in March 2006. The Institute has been awarded a Professorial Chair under the project. This is a multi-institution, multi-disciplinary project involving few institutions with IIT Roorkee in the lead.

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