Brief about Laboratory

Stable Isotope Laboratory

Stable Isotope Laboratory (SIL) is high-end biogeochemical analytical facility at the Department of Earth Sciences, Indian Institute of technology Roorkee (IITR). Our lab is well equipped with Thermo Scientific MAT253 Plus 10 kV Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers (IRMS), and various peripheral and sample preparation devices such as EA ISolink CHNOS elemental analyzer, GasBench II, GC IsoLink II, Kiel IV Carbonate Device, Dionex ASE 350 and Micro-drilling. IRMS allows for measurements of the stable isotope ratios of light elements such as hydrogen, Helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, clumped isotopes and sulfur at the natural abundance level in a broad range of samples.

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Why to join our research group?

Stable isotope geochemistry represents a powerful tool for better understanding the biogeochemical cycles in nature. our laboratory at IITR provides one-point solution for low mass isotope ratios such as H, He, C, N, O, S as well as clumped isotopes in variety of samples. This newly established analytical facility is well equipped with IRMS MAT 253 Plus and a variety of peripherals that provide consistent and accurate results for water, biogenic carbonate and sediment samples. In addition, we are also developing a laboratory for the analysis of radiogenic isotopic and trace elements.